Resolution 9

A New Year brings promise and hope. Hope of self improvement, of happiness, a new start, a fresh look at life, opportunities – learn that, stop this, go here – no pressure.


A new selection of records in Bara Menyn Bakehouse to help us get motivated for the new year.

How to Stop Smoking

Lets Learn to paint Watercolours

Jane Fonda's Workout Record


Last Christmas Vinyl

Heres the the final selection of vinyl in Bara Menyn Bakehouse until Saturday when they close for a well deserved Christmas holiday.


I have so many more Christmas records that didn’t make the show, many are photographed and up here in my Flickr set including this fab Partridge Family Christmas album.

The Partridge Family Christmas Album

I couldn’t resist trying it up in a pear tree on a portable player some years ago..what could be more Christmassy!

For something a bit more experimental you could try this…

nothing like a nice Christmas jingle!

More 70s data

Sorting my 7inch record database by date to find the 70s records reveals quite a collection (Click to look closer).  Seeing what I have is easy enough, finding the actual records is much trickier!

Currently scattered around the house there are some 3020 7inch records that have been added to the database and more still to list..



70s Records & Player

In anticipation of the Oriel Myrddin Taste Night next week I have started sorting through 45s for my 70s selection box…

Quite a few to look through yet…
I recently started to alphabetise my 7inch collection, though so far I’ve just done the ones in picture sleeves, eventually my database will become much more useful!  Below is the first page of entries arranged by date starting 1970…

I will be mostly playing the 70s selections on this Technics SL-Q2 (kindly donated by Toby Downing I think).  According to it dates from 1979-1981 so rather appropriate I’d say!


Given the quantity of disco music that’s likely to feature, I think it’s only right that I try out my latest mirror ball finds,  look at them shine!