Postcard Records & Rivers

Couple of postcard flexidisc records with a bit of river theme.  They might be used in a mix for the Afon festival

33975181946_1486698b26_oTop centre image is the Guildhall from Lendal Bridge, crossing the river Ouse.  It is mentioned in the recording…

Aberglasyn Pass N. Wales. The bridge over the river Glaslyn has a nice story connected to the Devil, as do various other bridges..

Hopes, Holiday plans & Postcards

Another selection for the season – get fit and book your holiday!

Fitech - Personal Fitness Calculator

Ladbroke Holidays - We're all going on a Ladbroke Holiday Flexidisc

Thumbs Up, Book Early - Pontins flexidisc

Ive collected a few of these old postcard flexidisc records over the years, mostly the audio on them bears no relation to the image or the places shown as far as I can tell.  An exception is this one from York.

Radiotracks Ltd Audio Postcard - The Sights and Sounds of York

Vistasound Postcard Record - Witch Doctor

Many more flexidisc postcard records in this youtube playlist here