A Peasant in Four Dimensions

28 Ninian Red

Sound objects in red theme for the centenary of the October revolution.
The reds are heading to a new installation in the garden of No28 Ninian rd with Rhôd and madeinroath.

The Red Army Choir; Red Light; Contact in Red Square; I see Red; The Red Flag; Red Guitar; Red River Valley; Blood Red Roses; Rise Red Sun; Simply Red; Red Red Wine; Red Maple Leaves; Little Red Rooster; Red Roses For A Blue Lady; Red Light; Red Box; Little Red Bus; Red Velvet Steering Wheel; Red Nichols; Girl In Red 99 Red Balloons;

The work for Rhôd in Roath 2017 will explore the collection through a red filter, gathering and ignoring eclectic musical references to popular culture and radiating red noise.




Pembrokeshire Leftovers

A mix of leftover records from Haverfordwest.  There’s a single with a ballet lesson I found in the Greenacres animal welfare shop and four 12inch’s brought into the unit by Sam Knight.  They are Max Boyce – The World of Max Boyce; Alan Tew Orchestra – The Magnificent Westerns; Flash in the Pan – Waiting for a Train; 3 Brass Monkeys – Hear No Evil/See no Sound

Frames of Reference

Picture Frame Seduction - Hand of the RiderID: 3993
Picture Frame Seduction – Hand of the Rider

When I started looking at music connections to Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire I found mention of a punk band called ‘Picture Frame Seduction’.  Although I had never heard them, I remembered the band name from years ago as Steve Parkin, a good friend of my oldest brother, was in the band. Wikipedia tells me he was the bassist from 1984-87.

‘Picture Frame Seduction’ still continue to play and record with original member Keith Haynes and in 2012 their 1985 album ‘Hand of the Rider’ was reissued on vinyl. I found a copy through Discogs.

I asked my brother if he had any original vinyl from the time and he found me this compilation, it is badly warped but will still play (sort of).
A Kick up the Arse - Volume 1ID: 3992  Various Artists – A Kick up the Arse