Gwlad y Delyn – Land of the Harp

Continuing a celebration of Wales and Welsh music here are a few 7inch singles with harps on the covers…

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In 2017 I made this short film about John Roberts, ‘Telynor Cymru’, with folklorist Peter Stevenson and harpist Harriet Earis.

And here are some album covers with harps on too…

Cor Telyn Teilo

The Harp of Wales - Telyn Cymru - Cyfrol 2

Cor Telyn Teilo - Anrheg Penblwydd

Janet a Glenda

Ar Log II

Dylan, Daniel a D Jacob Davies

Educated in Swansea, composer and friend of Dylan Thomas, Daniel Jones “As well as composing song-settings for Thomas’s Under Milk Wood (1954) and dedicating his fourth symphony (1954) to Thomas’s memory, he edited collections of Thomas’s poetry and prose, and in 1977 published the memoir, My Friend Dylan Thomas.”.

Daniel Jones

Under Milk Wood

The renowned Unitarian minister Rev D Jacob Davies recorded a Welsh language version of Dylan’s ‘A Story (The Outing)’.  Released on Cambrian records it is the first side of this album ‘Jacob…ar ei orau!’ which translates as ‘Jacob…at his best!’.  The story is described on the back as ‘more than a translation…’.

D Jacob Davies - ei orau!


Swansea Records / Recordiau Abertawe

Swansea recordings include this one by Horizon Recordings ltd, Dylan Thomas House, 32 Alexandra rd

Cor Merched Meirion

This from Swan Records Limited, Swansea. No mention of whereabouts in Swansea they were based…a fine figure of a hound though!

To Love and be Loved - Ieuan R Evans

and these from Recordiau Mynydd Mawr, who were at 381 Gors Avenue, Cockett, Swansea

Cymanfa Ganu Fodern

Cor Telyn Teilo a Bois y Blacbord - Emyn a Thelyn a Thant

Dylan Thomas House on Alexandra rd was where the BBC recorded the 1963 version of Under Milk Wood with Richard Burton apparently.  I don’t seem to have that one but found this one from 1954.  (BBC article about the 1954 version)

Under Milk Wood