Resolution 9

A New Year brings promise and hope. Hope of self improvement, of happiness, a new start, a fresh look at life, opportunities – learn that, stop this, go here – no pressure.


A new selection of records in Bara Menyn Bakehouse to help us get motivated for the new year.

How to Stop Smoking

Lets Learn to paint Watercolours

Jane Fonda's Workout Record


Panto season!

As it’s panto season I thought I’d share these Selcol flexidisc versions here.  Discogs describes Selcol as a ‘UK plastics manufacturer active during the 1950s and 1960s.’
The discs are made from what seems like a very soft, light plastic film (compared to other flexidiscs) backed with printed card.
You can see they have ‘Cut here’ printed on the sides to indicate they were originally cut from something larger, but I dont know what..  I was quite surprised how playable they are though!

Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington



The Three Bears

The Three Bears



Last Christmas Vinyl

Heres the the final selection of vinyl in Bara Menyn Bakehouse until Saturday when they close for a well deserved Christmas holiday.


I have so many more Christmas records that didn’t make the show, many are photographed and up here in my Flickr set including this fab Partridge Family Christmas album.

The Partridge Family Christmas Album

I couldn’t resist trying it up in a pear tree on a portable player some years ago..what could be more Christmassy!

For something a bit more experimental you could try this…

nothing like a nice Christmas jingle!

Super Shiny Sounds of the 70s

I was invited to the Oriel Myrddin Gallery in Carmarthen last week to contribute to their Christmas show event with a 70s record playing ‘Pick Your Own Vinyl’ disco!

I got a chance to try out my new outfit, an upcycled silver jacket by Carys ‘Wenchwear‘ Hedd and the tightest silver jeans I could find and squeeze into, I think I may have found my new look!…

Massive thank you to Oriel Myrddin Gallery for inviting me to be part of the evening, Phil for helping out on the decks and everywhere else, Carmarthen School of Art photography dept and Iain for the photo booth and photos.P1066516a