Parameters of a Circle

Guests are invited to contribute by –

  • Sending an image of their birth chart – or birth data and I will draw a chart up
  • Selecting vinyl records from my collection – they can be anything*
  • Sending audio or video recordings
  • Joining live on the day via Zoom (or in person when Covid restrictions allow)
  • Sending text – some for the blog post
  • Suggesting vinyl record combinations or playlist/performance structure

*there are a number of preselected records for each sign. These include the ruling planet’s theme from the different versions of Holst’s planets, and relevant tracks from a collection Astrology records.

Audio works are created live with the guest contributions. Video is composed of recordings from the live performance, and images of both guest and my birth chart, combined with animation created from images of my mother’s crystal ball and textural videos connected to the zodiac sign’s element. The final duration will be approximately 30min.

Full Circle

Having completed a full circle I decided to continue the work and to invite artists to contribute to the live recordings each month. Invited artists are selected according to sign and can contribute in any way.

There are some staples established already that will continue through the work, the spoken word astrology records for each sign will feature as will some of the associated planet records. Other records can be selected from my database, they could be themed according to sign or planet or might just reflect the taste and zodiac sign of the guest!

Artists might also choose to contribute live via Zoom and/or send audio recordings to mix into the work. They can also introduce visual material through Zoom live or send images/video to include. The structure of the work can also be guided by my guests to some extent, there are opportunities to construct a ‘playlist’ of material, guide the overall balance of different components, to play certain combinations of recordings etc.

The final work will be made with audio and video recorded live, with other visual material combined in post production.