More mixed leftovers

Another mix of records leftover from Haverfordwest last year..
Alan Tew Orchestra – The Magnificent Westerns; Flash in the Pan – Waiting for a Train; 3 Brass Monkeys – Hear No Evil/See no Sound; Mammoth Marenghi Fair Organ – All time Favourites


Pembrokeshire Leftovers

A mix of leftover records from Haverfordwest.  There’s a single with a ballet lesson I found in the Greenacres animal welfare shop and four 12inch’s brought into the unit by Sam Knight.  They are Max Boyce – The World of Max Boyce; Alan Tew Orchestra – The Magnificent Westerns; Flash in the Pan – Waiting for a Train; 3 Brass Monkeys – Hear No Evil/See no Sound


There were a few technical issues during the performance which I found after – the webcam which was meant to stream live failed and just recorded the first and final frames, thankfully it did record all the audio!  The Gopro recording also seems to have a few problems, though possibly arising during the transfer from the msd card.
These are the 11 glitched frames with an audio extract from the performance.

A mix to end an evening

During the time I was installed in Haverfordwest I met lots of lovely folk, chatted about all kinds of music, old turntables and technologies, nostalgia and art.  I met artist film-maker Gilly Booth while I was there, who told me about a current project with fellow artist Abigail Sidebotham.  I am really delighted to have been asked to come and play with some vinyl to close the event in Manorbier on November 18th. …do come along if you can make it!


A mix for Haverfordwest

Over three days in an empty shop unit (Unit 23, Riverside Shopping Centre, SA51 2LJ) I invited visitors to browse a collection of old vinyl records, to select and listen to them and have their selections included in the final performance.

Photo: Deborah Darling

The majority of the records to choose from have a connection to Pembrokeshire or Haverfordwest in some way and include local musicians, choirs and bands, as well as records found in the charity shops of Pembrokeshire and a few to reference popular culture with links to individuals from the area.

I had planned to webcast the performance live, but after resolving some issues with wifi and 4G signals the new digital tech failed and my laptop simply recorded the first frame and last frame of video! it did record the sound however, so all was not lost…

Many thanks to everyone who visited and chatted over the duration of the show.  Thank you all for selecting records, bringing records and listening.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Special thanks also to Pip and Guy at The Lab, Kate and Confluence for the opportunity to show off some of my records and turntables to the people of Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire.

imag5502Photo: Deborah Darling